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7 Common Beauty Myths You Need To Stop Believing Now

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7 Common Beauty Myths You Need To Stop Believing Now

In the beauty world, there are many unwritten "rules" that we tend to follow everyday without doubting them. But how can we distinguish the real ones from mere legends? Here are some of the most common beauty myths debunked for you!

MYTH #1: "Never use oily products on oily skin".

If you have oily or combination skin it may seem counterproductive to add "more oil", but if you choose the right oily products, they can even help calm congestions and balance the skin! Often the reason why our skin appears oilier than normal, producing more sebum and blemishes, is because of a defense mechanism against the lack of hydration of the skin. That's why oily skins need just as much hydration (and oils) as other skin types.

MYTH #2: "Eye creams should be applied as the last step of the beauty routine".

If you apply eye cream at the end of your routine, there is a good chance that the treatments you applied in the previous steps, such as cream, serum or oil, have already penetrated the delicate eye area and created a barrier that prevents the eye contour cream from doing its job. Non-specific heavy products can also make the area swollen and oily: we recommend applying a specific product for the eye area immediately after cleansing the face to nourish the area and stop anything that shouldn't penetrate.

MYTH #3: "Sensitive skin doesn't tolerate products that contain acids".

Acids might seem scary especially to those with sensitive skin, but the latest technology ensures that even powerful acidic ingredients can be used completely safely for great results, even on the most sensitive skin, without any irritation.

MYTH #4: "The substances indicated at the end of the list of ingredients (INCI) are inefficient".

Not necessarily! There are functional substances that are extremely effective when they are at low doses, which is why they appear at the end of the INCI.

MYTH #5: "Tanning beds are useful for preventing sunburn and preparing the skin for sun exposure".

Tanning this way doesn't protect you at all. On the contrary. Not only can the lamps cause irritation, rashes and redness similar to those caused by the sun, but they also promote skin aging due to strong exposure to UV rays.

MYTH #6: "Sun exposure gets rid of acne".

Not true! Having a tan creates only a simple illusion on the skin, as it camouflages acne. The general improvement effect is due to the dark color of the tan which masks imperfections, giving the skin a more beautiful aesthetic effect. In reality, the sun increases the thickening of the outermost layer of the skin causing, over time, the production of blemishes and blackheads.

MYTH #7: "A beauty product will last longer if you keep it in the fridge".

We often consider that our cosmetics - both skincare and makeup - are eternal: unfortunately this is not the case, all products have an expiration date. Surely a good habit is to keep them away from strong sources of heat so that their composition is not altered. But, at the same time, keeping them in the fridge won't help extend their shelf life.


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