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Stress and its effects on the skin

Posted by Milanesi Skincare Mapskin SRL on
stress and its effect on the skin
There are times when our life seems to be too hectic: we are full of commitments, thoughts, anxieties, we eat badly and don’t get enough sleep. All this stress and emotional tensions, unfortunately, not only have direct repercussions on our body and moods, but also on the appearance of our skin.
Specifically, stress can cause an excessive production of adrenaline, which leads to an increase in cortisol (also known as the "stress hormone"). Cortisol lowers the immune defenses of our body, making us more prone to inflammation of various kinds, including on the skin and hair.
An example is the appearance of acne as both adrenaline and cortisol affect the skin's sebum production. When these levels are increased, the production of sebum also increases. It is precisely for this reason that, when we are stressed, we tend to have impure skin.
Another phenomenon that can occur is dull and toneless skin. Our body, when stressed, tries to safeguard itself and allocates more circulation to the vital organs (such as the heart, brain, lungs and kidneys) making sure that these are equipped to withstand stress. This blood flow rationing affects and neglects other parts of the body - such as the skin. The low amount of circulation leads to dull skin, which results in a tired and unhealthy appearance, with marked and darker circles.
Last but not least, stress can cause wrinkles and signs of aging. When stressed, the muscles - even the facial ones - are always in tension. This constant movement over time causes lines and creases on the face which, consequently, produce wrinkles.
How to avoid all this?
Unfortunately, stress is not a choice we can avoid. However, there are some small remedies that can greatly help.
For your skin, a good skincare routine, full of products with the right active ingredients can make the difference. Ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, retinol and Vitamin C increase the production of collagen, which helps fight wrinkles and free radicals, while brightening and hydrating the complexion. For dull skin, resveratrol, one of the most powerful antioxidants, is also recommended. It stimulates the skin microcirculation making the skin more luminous and elastic. For impure skin, it is advisable to follow a purifying treatment that thoroughly cleanses the complexion and rebalances the production of sebum.
For one's general well-being, however, techniques such as yoga and meditation are recommended. These practices relieve tension and loosen the muscles, giving the body moments of pure relaxation. As a result, stress reversal will promote deep sleep, giving the skin a better chance to heal itself.
The next time you feel stressed, try to slow down and focus on yourself. By better controlling your body's response to stress - and using the right products for your skin - your health will improve and your skin will appear just as fresh, healthy and relaxed as your mood.

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