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City vs Skin

Posted by Maddalena Petromilli on
the effect of pollution on the skin
If you live in a city, either big or small, you’re used to be always on the run: between our jobs, studies, hobbies and fun times we never stop! The “city life” gives us the possibility to experience always new and stimulating places, people and situations – that’s why we love it so much!
We need to remember though that the city can have negative effects on our skins. Urban pollution, UV lights, chemical agents in the air we breathe can affect significantly the appearance and the aging process of our skins. This happens because of small, highly reactive molecules named free radicals – they are generated by these factors and they harm the natural defensive barrier of the skin. Every day, thousands of free radicals attack our skin causing dryness, lack of radiance and formation of wrinkles and spots.
How can we protect ourselves from pollution?
With a good skincare routine! Using the correct products for our faces, rich in antioxidants and vitamins, allows both to counteract the formation of free radicals and to repair the damage previously caused to the cells. It is also recommended to use products containing the Anti-pollution Complex that can act as a barrier against pollution damage.
For the perfect defend system against pollution, UV rays and blue lights, Milanesi skincare recommends these products:
A creamy moisturizing cleanser, ideal for a gentle and nourishing facial cleansing. Formulated with Gold, Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid, a blend of nutritive and hydrating substances rich in natural antioxidants, such as Active Water of Organic Pomegranate, Grape seed Oil and Active Water of Organic Grape, that leave the skin soft and without impurities.
Ideal for people exposed to constant climate change and with a hectic lifestyle. Visibly improves the skin tone. Reduces signs of fatigue and leaves the skin relaxed and soft. Thanks to the presence of Coffee, a powerful natural antioxidant, the Antipollution Complex and the Organic Cucumber Extract, this serum helps maintain youthful tissues and counteract the formation of free radicals. It has an anti-inflammatory effect that calms skin irritations and redness.
A specific product against atmospheric pollution that helps to significantly improve the firmness of the skin and to prevent the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Formulated with ingredients useful for the well-being of the skin, which help to defend it from UV rays and blue light, thanks to the innovative Anti-pollution Complex, Saffron, rich in natural antioxidants and vitamins, together with the Active water of Organic Pomegranate and Prickly Pear Oil, give a brightening appearance to the skin. Contains an innovative Elasticizing Complex that leaves the skin firm. 

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