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Glass Skin: tips and techniques for a glowing and healthier skin

Posted by Milanesi Skincare Mapskin SRL on
Glass Skin: tips and techniques for a glowing and healthier skin

Are you fascinated by the Glass Skin trend but don't know where to start to achieve that glowing "glass skin" effect? No problem, in this article you will find all the essential information that will guide you step by step towards more radiant and healthier skin.

What is the meaning of Glass Skin?

Glass Skin, a beauty trend cherished globally and originating from Korea, involves meticulously taking care of the skin until it achieves the effect of a glass surface, that is smooth, even, and as luminous as possible. However, the goal is not absolute perfection, but rather to achieve visibly healthy skin that can shine with its own light.

Did you know?

In Korea there is a compliment that captures the essence of this skincare philosophy: "Pibu mal ga boh yuh," which literally means "Your skin is cloudless." This term is used to praise someone for having a clear and luminous skin, just like a clear sky.

How to get the Glass Skin?

Achieving the Glass Skin effect is a real possibility! However, it is essential to adhere to a few fundamental guidelines to maintain healthy skin, which include eating a balanced diet and protecting your skin from pollution and the sun's rays. It is also crucial to have a consistent skincare routine and select products that are appropriate for the specific needs of different skin types.

Try this skincare routine to achieve the Glass Skin effect:

1) Cleansing: needed in the morning and evening to get rid of dirt and impurities. Oily or mixed skin types can use a double cleanse (oily first, then foamy), whereas sensitive skin types might prefer an oil-based cleanser in the winter and a foaming cleanse in the summer.

Milanesi Skincare recommends:  

  • Illuminating Gel Cleanser, foamy based cleanser with saffron, known for its brightening properties, that cleanses and refreshes the skin.
  • Anti-Aging Milk Cleanser oil-based cleanser with hyaluronic acid and grape seed oil, to deeply cleanse, moisturize and plump the skin.

2) Exfoliation: using gentle exfoliants is a critical step in the Glass Skin Routine. This will result in smooth skin due to cellular renewal.

Milanesi Skincare recommends:

  • Purifying Mask with exfoliating action formulated with lifting complex to minimize expression lines and give the skin a clear and toned appearance. Use it once or twice a week.

3) Toners and serum: Start with a toner to prepare the skin, improving absorption of subsequent products. Then apply a specific serum to address skin problems such as dullness and dark spots.

Milanesi Skincare recommends:

  • Illuminating Serum which, thanks to its brightening complex, also helps stimulating its natural defense against UV and blue lights.

4) Hydration: Boost your skin’s elasticity with a good moisturizing cream rich in peptides and vitamin C. These active ingredients will stimulate collagen production

Milanesi Skincare recommends:

  • Anti-Aging Moisturizer which, thanks to the presence of shea butter, ceramides and antioxidants, offers deep hydration and helps strengthen the skin barrier.
  • Luxury Facial Oil, an innovative solid face oil that, with pearl powder, captures light and gives the skin infinite glow.

5) Protection: Prevent the onset of dark spots with SPF 50 sunscreen creams applied all year round, preferably containing ingredients like ceramides and fatty acids for effective hydration.

Finally, the secret to achieving the much-desired Glass Skin? Consistency. Indeed, only with daily and careful care will you see it transform, becoming luminous and clear as glass. Also remember the importance of a balanced diet: limit fats and increase your intake of water, fruits, and vegetables to keep your intestines regular and clean. This benefit will directly reflect on the health and beauty of your skin.

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