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Haircare Kit ideal to bring brightness, volume and strength to the hair. Inside you'll find:

1. Illuminating Shampoo (200ML) - Formulated with Orbignya Oleifera Oil, an excellent natural remedy for dry and dull hair, muru muru butter, which helps to restructure damaged hair, and wheat proteins, that bring strength, volume and brightness to the hair

2. Illuminating Conditioner (200ML) - Formulated with mango, a tropical fruit rich in antioxidant ingredients, passion flower, with protective properties that help to defend the hair from ultraviolet rays, and rice proteins, with moisturizing and balancing properties that bring brightness and elasticity to the hair. In addition, it helps to keep its hydro-lipid balance intact.

The Kit also comes with a made in Italy, beech wood hair brush.

Suitable for all hair types.

Vegan, Made in Italy, Natural haircare.


Muru Muru Butter 

Butter derived from the fruits of the Astrocaryum murumuru palm. Known for strong emollient and silky power and for the high content of Vitamin A and oleic acid. Helps maintain hydration and gives softness, flexibility and brightness to the hair. Creates a protective barrier on dry hair. Helps to restructure lifeless hair damaged by the heat of the hairdryer, straighteners or by chemical agents.

Wheat Proteins

Hydrolyzed wheat proteins are natural derivatives of wheat grains and constitute a unique moisturizing complex, able to penetrate deeply into the skin structures. They bring strength, volume and brightness to the hair. In fact, they function as a filler-protective agent by forming a barrier and restructuring damaged hair. Also widely used to mitigate the aggressiveness of other washing products.

Passion Flower

Plant with extraordinary flowers, suitable for weak hair. Thanks to its soothing and protective properties they also protect the scalp from ultraviolet rays


It is a tropical fruit rich in substances with antioxidant action, useful for keeping the hair young. It is particularly suitable for dry and dehydrated hair.


Lemon juice is astringent, antibacterial, antioxidant and whitening. On the hair it is ideal for a purifying action thanks to its astringent property


  • keeping the hair soft and luminous.

  • bringing strength and volume.

  • a nutritive and complete hair treatment.

  • protecting the hair for UV rays and external aggressors.


Milanesi products are certified by AIAB, the Italian Association for Organic Farming, which guarantees the absence of non-vegetable raw materials considered a "risk" (GMOs, allergens, irritants), or that could be harmful for human health, and materials that are not eco-friendly. In addition, an AIAB Bio Ecological cosmetic is obtained without the use of ionizing radiation and with the use of certified agricultural raw materials.