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When To Start Using Anti-aging Skincare?

Posted by Milanesi Skincare Mapskin SRL on
When To Start Using Anti-aging Skincare?

Talking about "anti-aging skincare" may seem premature or scary when you're only 20 years old. But did you know that taking preventative measures by using anti-aging products at a young age can bring great benefits in the long run? Even if dark spots and wrinkles have not appeared yet.

The first thing to do is to understand the difference between the various functions of anti-aging products and which ones are more suitable for every age groups. Anti-aging skincare products can be divided into three tiers:
1) Preventive products
2) Defensive products
3) Repair products

As time passes and the skin matures, your skincare should "level up":
- From 15 to 25 years old: preventive anti-aging skincare
- From 25 to 35 years old: preventive + defensive anti-aging skincare
- From 35 to 45 years old: preventive anti-aging skincare + defensive + beginning of repairing
- From 45 years of age: preventive + defensive + repairing anti-aging skincare

Skin types vary greatly, from extremely oily and sensitive to dry and dull. Before deciding whether or not to add a new skincare product - anti-aging or not - to your skincare routine, it is essential to examine the ingredients of the product to make sure they are really useful for your skin and for your needs. Regardless of your age. Let's find out together which are the most suitable and when you should start using them!


Your twenties are an important time to start building your own preventative skincare with the help of antioxidants. Antioxidant protection may be the best form of defense against free radical damage. The antioxidants will build the protective dermal layer, while helping to increase collagen production and fight the free radical damage that leads to premature skin aging.
During this time it is also important to start applying sunscreen daily and adopt it as a lifelong habit. Many people don't think of SPF as an anti-aging product, but it's actually the most powerful product you'll ever use in the fight against aging. It is therefore essential to start using it immediately, every day for life!


After the age of 30, cell turnover is not what it used to be. The dermis becomes more impure and dries out more easily. The production of collagen (the protein that keeps the skin smooth) will slow down more and more and, year after year, more evident lines will be created. Tip number one is to have well hydrated skin. The main hydrating ally for this period is hyaluronic acid, particularly renowned for its ability to retain hydration - it can in fact retain up to a thousand times its weight in water -, for its ability to instantly plump the skin and to reduce wrinkles. Furthermore, hyaluronic acid has the ability to strengthen the outermost layer of the dermis and create a defensive barrier; it helps the skin to protect itself from damage from the sun's rays, inflammation and superficial wounds.


If you suffer from acne, dermatologists may be prescribing retinol treatments as early as your 20s. Our advice, if you have normal or combination skin, is to start from 30/35, with the arrival of the first signs of aging (fine lines or skin spots). In fact, retinol fills wrinkles, improves skin texture, acts on dark spots, stimulates cell renewal and preserves collagen.
The best way to introduce retinol into your skincare routine is to start with a low concentration once a week, in order to gradually build up your skin's tolerance to this powerful ingredient.


Glycolic Acid can be used to address most skin aging concerns including fine lines, hyperpigmentation, dull skin, uneven texture and dryness. It gives the skin a brighter and smoother appearance as well as a more homogeneous color and a finer texture. It can therefore be considered a beneficial ingredient for the 30-year-old group.

Milanesi Skincare offers many anti-aging products, ideal for every skin group:

Purifying line with ingredients that naturally reduce the signs of tiredness and protect the skin from the damage of pollution, blue lights and UV rays. This line is rich in antioxidants and vitamins, perfect for the preventive and defensive anti-aging phase. Discover it.

Illuminating line that is perfect to counteract skin aging and ideal for delicate skins that already show some signs of aging. Discover it.

Line composed of products rich in nutrients that fill the lines left by the passage of time and regenerate the skin in depth. Ideal for the driest skins, who want to repair the signs of aging. Discover it.

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