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SOS Summer: How to Hide Fatigue Without Make-up

Posted by Milanesi Skincare Mapskin SRL on
SOS Summer: How to Hide Fatigue Without Make-up

With summer approaching, along with weekend getaways and the heat, who feels like putting on make-up? As temperatures rise, the idea of applying layers of make-up becomes less appealing. However, the accumulated fatigue over the year can leave visible marks on the face. How can we reconcile the desire to wear less makeup with the need to look fresh and rested? Keep reading to discover how to conceal signs of fatigue without resorting to make-up!

What causes tired-looking skin?

To combat signs of fatigue, it’s important to understand their main causes. The eye area, extremely delicate, is often the first to show signs of tiredness such as puffiness and dark circles, as well as early signs of skin aging. Moreover, daily stress and prolonged exposure to blue light from electronic devices negatively affect sleep quality. In response to this situation, the body produces more cortisol to stay active, a hormone that can cause oiliness, breakouts, and worsen inflammatory skin conditions. Finally, temperature fluctuations and an unbalanced diet pose an additional challenge, creating a vicious cycle in which tired appearance constantly worsens.

Tips from Milanesi Skincare

The key to fighting facial fatigue starts with taking care of your skin by combining professional methods and natural remedies.

When choosing creams, pay attention to active ingredients: peptides, vitamin C, and low-concentration retinol can become your precious allies. Vitamin C brightens the complexion and offers continuous antioxidant protection, while retinol stimulates cell renewal, promotes collagen production, and helps eliminate dead skin cells. These will make your skin appear luminous and radiant. To combat dark circles and puffiness, Milanesi Skincare recommends using a moisturizing product that can refresh, decongest, and relax the eye area, such as the Purifying Eye Treatment. This product, thanks to its serum-like light texture, will nourish the eye contour, giving it a fresh and rested appearance.

Don’t underestimate the power of the old ice technique in the morning to wake up the mind and eyes. This method reduces puffiness, as the low temperatures help to constrict blood vessels, although it doesn’t offer lasting results. Moreover, cucumbers are a natural remedy that provides relief and hydration to the eyes, especially if kept in the fridge before use.

In addition to skin care, adopting healthy daily habits is just as crucial for a rested and healthy appearance. For this reason, Milanesi Skincare advises including foods rich in omega 3 and 6 in your diet, such as salmon, nuts, and flax seeds, to keep the skin firm. Protein-rich foods, like legumes and fish, are also excellent because they promote cell repair. Moreover, regular physical activity improves blood flow and oxygenation of skin cells, promoting their vitality and renewal. Finally, don’t forget to drink at least 2 liters of water a day to keep your skin hydrated and glowing.

Lastly, take advantage of the power of the seasonal color analysis and choose an outfit that enhances your skin tone: vibrant colors and shades that suit you. Additionally, a pair of earrings with stones in soft colors like mint, emerald, turquoise, or amethyst can beautifully reflect on your skin and eyes, making you appear instantly fresher and more rested.

Say goodbye to the annoying question, “You look tired, are you okay?” and enjoy a radiant and vital appearance all summer long without having to resort to make-up!

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