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Blue Light vs. Your Skin: How to Protect Yourself

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Blue Light vs. Your Skin: How to Protect Yourself

*Beep beep* Your seven a.m. alarm goes off. Outstretches your arm to immediately pick up your phone and begin the daily cycle of scrolling. After responding to a few texts, you quickly scan a few news articles and scroll through Instagram. Finally, after hastily getting dressed, you are on your way out the door greeted by the warm sun beaming down. When you finally arrive at work or school, you open your laptop unaware of the amount of blue light you have already been exposed to.  

Blue light is a relatively recent topic of discussion. Newly revealed research shows how extended blue light exposure can harm our eyes so we wear blue light glasses as protection. We also hear how blue light disrupts our sleep so we try our hardest to put our phones down a few minutes before we lie down. But, did you know blue light also damages our skin?

What is blue light?  

Blue light is a modern-day aggressor that we are constantly exposed to. This high-energy visible light is emitted from the sun and electronic devices. Blue light from our devices makes a significantly lower impact on our skin compared to the sun. Overall, long-term exposure to this light may lead to skin cell damage which is associated with early wrinkling and the development of dark spots. Just as we protect our eyes it is imperative that we protect our skin. 

Protect Your Skin #1: Use Skincare Protection

Mineral sunscreens are highly recommended as the best agent to combat blue light rays. These are sunscreens formulated with either titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. Mineral sunscreens create a barrier on the skin’s surface instead of absorbing into the skin. This barrier reflects UV and blue light rays to prevent damage. 

In addition, utilizing good skincare products daily will help maintain a healthy skin barrier. Products formulated with high-quality ingredients and actives can help your skin recover from daily aggravators. Including Vitamin C (a potent antioxidant that blocks abnormal pigment production) in your morning regimen will prevent any discoloration light rays may cause. 

Did you know Milanesi Skincare uses an innovative Anti-pollution Complex in its products? It is made of a micro-seaweed that has developed a unique defense system against stress caused by blue light. This complex has a special composition of amino acids, vitamins, algal, and mineral saccharides that protect the skin and fight external aggressors. Discover it in our Purifying Serum and in our Illuminating Moisturizer.

Protect Your Skin #2: Get Better Sleep 

 Blue light disrupts the circadian rhythm our bodies follow to go to sleep. Historically, the sun signaled to our bodies when to go to sleep. Now with screens all around our house at night our natural rhythm is thrown off. Blue light suppresses the release of melatonin in our body which is what helps us feel drowsy and fall asleep. So what does sleep have to do with our skin? 

Sleep plays a pivotal role in the health and appearance of our skin. Lack of sleep ages our skin by increasing fine lines, reducing elasticity, and creating an uneven skin tone. Without enough sleep, our bodies are unable to properly repair our skin cells. While we sleep, our bodies go through three stages that help restore our skin from the day’s stress. These three stages work together to regulate our hormone, antioxidant, and collagen levels which all affect our skin. One way to ensure blue light does not harm your skin is to turn off electronics and bright lights at least two hours before bed. Instead, wind down by taking time to do your skincare routine, read a good book, and sip non-caffeinated tea. 

Restore, replenish, and rejuvenate your skin cells by being aware and protecting yourself against blue light. Your skin will thank you later ;)

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