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Autumn Skincare Routine Reset!

Posted by Milanesi Skincare Mapskin SRL on
Autumn Skincare Routine Reset!

Chillier mornings, windier days, and the sound of crisp leaves crunching on sidewalks are all signs it’s here… Autumn is back! The age-old question at this time of year is: do you need to switch up your skincare routine as the seasons change? The answer is yes! One of skincare’s biggest kept secrets is that you have to tailor your routine to the season because your skin’s needs change. Just like we reset our wardrobe by pulling out our favorite sweaters, it is time to do the same for your skincare wardrobe.

With Milanesi Skincare’s Autumn Skincare Reset your skin will be autumn-ready in no time!

1) Anti-Aging Milk Cleanser

Autumn’s cooler air dries out the skin since it lacks the ability to hold moisture. Dry skin can lead to flaky, patchy, and irritated skin. Harsh, abrasive cleaners will only add to this dryness by stripping your skin’s natural oils. Opting to use a gentle cleanser is the first step to prevent this dryness. The Anti-Aging Milk Cleanser is a creamy, moisturizing cleanser that is formulated with gold and hyaluronic acid. This staple product will not only cleanse the skin but also will leave you with long-lasting hydration. As we discussed in our last blog post, gold has anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe any dry flare-ups. Since hyaluronic acid is a humectant it can penetrate the top layers of your skin barrier to provide the extra hydration you need.

2) Illuminating Moisturizer

Summery tank tops are now tucked away and replaced with cozy knits. The time has come to also swap out lightweight moisturizers for heavier creams to protect our skin barrier. The long-term effect of dried skin is a damaged skin barrier. With lower humidity levels, it is important that you fortify against any temperature. Prickly pear is a unique ingredient found in the Illuminating Moisturizer. This oil is high in omega fatty acids and vitamin E which will soothe dryness, balance hydration, and nourish the skin. An added benefit of this moisturizer is the brightening effect that keeps your skin glowing even during the cooler months.

3) Purifying Mask

Fall is the time for falling leaves and face masks! Skin shedding is a regular daily occurrence. However, in drier conditions, cell turnover rate can increase leading to dead skin that may not shed properly. Improper shedding gives the appearance of dull, dry, and flaky skin. Implementing face masks into your routine once or twice a week will help eliminate any excess dead skin cells this time of year causes. Use the Purifying Mask weekly for gentle exfoliation and hydrating cell restoration. The ginseng extract will improve the microcirculation of blood leaving you with more radiant skin.

4) Relaxing Candle Oil

Skincare includes bodycare! It is important to take care of the skin beyond our face. The same autumn skincare rules apply. The last contributing factor to dry skin is indoor heating which our body is exposed to. The Relaxing Candle Oil supplies your skin with a moisture surge in a manner that is warm and therapeutic. This oil will melt a hydrating blend of shea butter, coconut oil, and argan oil so your skin will be oh-so-silky smooth.

P.S. Always remember your daily sunscreen! Sunscreen is a year-round skincare wardrobe essential that never goes out of style.

With Milanesi’s Autumn Reset Routine your skin will be moisturized and perfectly hydrated to brave those chilly days and colder nights.

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