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Are you using the wrong skincare products? 5 signs to look out for!

Posted by Milanesi Skincare Mapskin SRL on
Are you using the wrong skincare products? 5 signs to look out for!

It often happens that you choose skincare products that are not suitable for your skin type or needs. But how can you recognize them before it's too late? Here are five red flags that are indicating that you are using the wrong skincare products.

1) You feel your skin burning and hitching 
While some masks and exfoliants sometimes leave a tingling sensation, it is important to understand that there is a big difference between a slight tingling sensation and a (painful) burning one. How can we recognize if the slight tingling on the skin is due to the work of the active ingredients or if it is our skin that is trying to tell us something?
Active ingredients often, but not always, can make the skin tingle for moments, not minutes. If after hours of having used a product, your skin remains red, more sensitive to the touch and with a tingling or burning sensation, then we recommend that you eliminate that particular product from your skincare routine.

2) Dry and dull skin
If the skin starts to dry out, it is probably because the products we are using are too aggressive and not very moisturizing. The advice is to choose a more delicate product, which nourishes the skin well in depth. Avoid using exfoliants too frequently.

3) You notice the appearance of pimples
Pimples can form in response to using the wrong skincare products, showing a negative skin reaction. If you usually have normal, clean skin, and you see blemishes appear after a new product, take this into account.
To determine if new products are actually the source of pimples, it is still best to give your skin two or three weeks to adjust to the new routine.

4) Your skin is more oily and shiny
If you don't usually have oily skin and suddenly you notice more greasiness, maybe it's because of your product formulas which, instead of balancing the skin, increase its sebum production.

5) Hyperpigmentation
The skin suddenly has an uneven color, especially on the cheeks. This, unfortunately, is a sign that we are reacting badly to some ingredients that are intended to lighten and brighten the skin. In this case, abandon these products and immediately protect your skin with a cream with SPF 30 protection.

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