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Special collaboration between Sciuraglam, famous instagram sensation, and Milanesi Skincare. This box will give you the perfect relaxing night, together with some skincare products and some tips by Sciuraglam on how to enjoy yourself. The box contains:

- Smoothing and anti-aging Scrub Butter (150ml): created for a massage and an exfoliating treatment. Its natural granules, which help remove dead cells, and its mix of vegetable oils with nourishing and moisturizing actions, give the skin an appearance full of well-being. Shea butter together with Organic Argan Oil and Betaine extract are able to give firmness and elasticity to the skin.

- Multi-vitamin Recovery Kit (30ml): Kit of two creamy face masks with a high concentration of active ingredients, vitamins and natural oils, perfect for regenerating the skin and giving it an instant softness and brightness.The Kit has been designed to offer: 1) A day treatment - with the Antioxidant Vitamin Mask 2) An evening treatment - with the Vitamin Boost Firming & Regenerating Mask. The Kit also contains a special made in Italy brush, for a perfect application of the treatments. 

- Discovery Set: a set of products perfect for you daily skincare routine. This set contains 5 sachets: the Anti-aging Milk Cleanser, the Illuminating Eye Lift, the Illuminating Serum, the Anti-aging Moisturizer and the Illuminating Moisturizer.

Suitable for all skin types.



Active oils 

A mix of almond / borage / linen / olive vegetable oils enzymatically treated. Almond oil, Borage oil, linseed oil and olive oil are ingredients with innumerable properties, as they are rich in emollient and moisturizing substances and natural antioxidants. They are useful for counteracting cellular aging and are very rich in fatty acids that nourish the skin helping to maintain its tone and elasticity.

Shea butter

It is a precious natural anti-aging ingredient for the face and body, able to give the skin firmness and elasticity. Shea butter contains Vitamin E, which act as a natural antioxidant, with emollient, moisturizing, anti-dry skin properties even in case of dermatitis, sunburn, burns, roughness, ulceration, irritation and cracking.

Vitamin A

Its action determines an increase in the production of collagen, with a consequent improvement of the support structure of the skin which helps to give tone and elasticity to the complexion. Slows down skin aging.


It is an excellent ingredient with a nourishing and moisturizing properties. It has a reparative and protective function of the skin cells.

Organic Argan Oil

Given its rich and particular composition, it protects the skin from free radicals triggered by the UV rays of the sun thanks to the presence of antioxidants, it hydrates the skin bringing elasticity and tone. It also prevents the formation of surface micro-roughness.

  • improving skin tone and texture

  • an anti-aging and toning treatment

  • creating a spa-at-home experience to escape from the everyday life.

  • a full skin and body beauty routine. *


*Activity related to the ingredients contained


Milanesi products are certified by AIAB, the Italian Association for Organic Farming, which guarantees the absence of non-vegetable raw materials considered a "risk" (GMOs, allergens, irritants), or that could be harmful for human health, and materials that are not eco-friendly. In addition, an AIAB Bio Ecological cosmetic is obtained without the use of ionizing radiation and with the use of certified agricultural raw materials. 

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